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Give Me Jesus Journal

$ 20.00

Give Me Jesus Journal
Give Me Jesus Journal Give Me Jesus Journal Give Me Jesus Journal Give Me Jesus Journal Give Me Jesus Journal Give Me Jesus Journal Give Me Jesus Journal Give Me Jesus Journal Give Me Jesus Journal Give Me Jesus Journal Give Me Jesus Journal Give Me Jesus Journal

$ 20.00

The  "Give Me Jesus" journal is a 40-day or 90-day quiet time journal. It is designed to guide you as you study Scripture, pray, sit still in the presence of Jesus, and fall in love with Him every morning.

The beginning of the "Give Me Jesus" journals goes through ways to live as "well-watered women" who daily seek Jesus. This introduction has questions to fill out as well as guides you through how to have daily time with the Lord. The middle of each journal has a guided "Heart Check" with questions to set your heart on Jesus and evaluate where your heart is at the moment. This was intentionally placed in the middle to be a reminder of your purpose and to set your heart on Jesus. The journaling pages are meant to be used as your read your Bible each day and get to know Jesus through studying the Word. There is a different quote and verse on each day. The new journals will also have a few additions to the daily pages. 
There are two journal options! Watch a video here to hear more about the vision behind this quiet time journal!

40-Day Journal: 

40-day journal with 4 pages per day (broken into sections for prayer, study, and action), 18 "Notes" pages at the back for sermon notes and/or extra prayer requests for study and a "Heart Check" at the beginning, middle, and the end. There are also two pages in the back to "celebrate God's faithfulness" and write down answered prayers and praises. This journal is great for someone who loves to write when studying and wants space to dig deep into the Word, pray and sit with the Lord. This journal is a 40-day journey with the Lord because of the significance of the number 40 in Scripture. 40-days is a season of life that you walk through with the Lord.
90-Day Journal: 

90-day journal with 2 pages per day (great for a momma with little ones!), a "Heart Check" at the beginning, middle, and the end, and a page to "celebrate God's faithfulness" and write down answered prayers and praises. This journal is great for someone who prefers a shorter journaling length per day. You can also use the journaling pages for sermon notes. I pray this journal option will work for those who don't write as much when studying but want something to keep their time with the Lord in a journal. Several women use this journal to draw, letter, and paint during their time with the Lord!
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Front: Give Me Jesus in Gold Foil with original paintings by Gretchen Saffles // Hand-lettered by Sarah Kim
Gold Spiral Bound
Made in the USA
©2014-2016 Well-Watered Women. All contents of this journal cannot be copied or reproduced for any purposes. 

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"I cannot truly put into words how valuable the Give me Jesus Journal has been to my growth in my relationship with Jesus! I now cannot imagine walking through my quiet time with God without this tool. It helps guide me to dig deeper and really sink in to what God is trying to teach me. The amount of growth I’ve experienced since starting using this journal one month ago has been exponential! I love keeping my sermon notes in this journal as well so that when I look back at this season, I can see all God was doing and teaching me. I started with the 90 day version because I am a mom with two young kids whose time is often cut short however my journaling has grown and I look forward to trying the 40 day version next time!"

- Samantha, 29 years old, California

"I love this journal so much! I was looking for something to add a bit of structure to my quiet time in the word and this journal is perfect for that. The 'heart check' section at the start really gave me the opportunity to take a look at where I was at in my relationship with Jesus and where I prayerfully hoped develop as I worked through my journal. I really appreciated the 'Daily Guide' section that outlined different approaches to prayer and studying the bible. I felt so well prepared to make my time with the Lord intentional before I even got to the journal pages.

The layout of the journal pages themselves are set-up so well. Having to write out the date and time really keeps me accountable to using it on a daily basis! And I love that I can reference my writing from certain days that correspond with events that were happening in my life. I can look back at the pages and see the hand of God in my life through the scripture he was leading me to. I also love starting my quiet time by writing out something that I am grateful for. This action then allows me to open my Bible with such a grateful heart and begin. I bought the 90-day journal and it's the perfect amount of writing space for me. I can usually just get to the end of the two pages and my quiet time before my littles ones wake and start their day. I would recommend this journal to anyone looking for some support in structuring their quiet time or even for someone just getting started spending time in the word. It has been an amazing blessing in my life and I am so thankful for it!"

- Danielle, 31 years old, Canada

"I have always loved to journal, capturing thoughts that God is revealing to me on paper in a little book just over joys me. But my journaling was transformed using the Give Me Jesus Journal. I started to re-read the Bible in a year. I did it once before, but this time I am digging deeper. Pulling out Scripture, writing it down, letting it speak directly to me, being silent before the Lord, and praying over all that I just journaled. The 40 day journal has turned into longer than 40 days because I want to really soak up His Word into my heart. The layout of the journal has influenced my journaling to dig deeper, to really know God, to write His Word on my heart, and to just be still in His Presence."

- Tiffany, 29 years old, Indiana

"I cannot express to you have transformative they are. I have bought several for friends and many girls at my church have bought them too. While we all love the journals what has been even more transformative is the community of Christian women on Instagram that we have connected with because of your journal and the #wellwateredwomen and #givemejesusjournal hashtags. I was just talking to a girl last night who told me that she never realized social media could be so empowering and encouraging and Christ-exalting. THANK YOU FOR THIS."

- Emilia

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