Group License Terms and Conditions - Teaching Videos

Please read the conditions carefully. When you complete your purchase, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below.

When you place your order, you are purchasing access to digital videos and a group license to share the digital link with the specific number of participants you paid to access the digital videos. You are not purchasing actual physical copies of anything. We will not ship these to you, but rather, you will receive a link to the digital videos which you will be able to email to the participants in your study. 

When you access this digital link, you are not being granted the right to share this link with an unlimited number of participants, but only the number of participants you have paid for. You are not being granted the right to forward this link to anyone else unless that person is included in the number you paid for. 

We suggest you email this digital link to the participants in your group. In the e-mail you send to your participants, we ask that you are very clear in your communication that they have permission to access the digital link and that they do not have permission to forward the link. We have provided suggested wording for your e-mail below. 

We understand that you may not know the exact number of participants in your study when you place your initial order. Please make your best guess. And if you end up needing access for more participants than you have paid for in your initial purchase, please email erin@wellwateredwomenlcom to purchase additional licenses PRIOR TO sending out additional e-mails with the digital link. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there an expiration date on the digital link? 
  • No. The digital link will be available immediately after purchase and will not expire.
  • Can we e-mail the digital link to our participants?
    • Yes. When you  distribute this digital link to your group members via e-mail, we ask that you provide the following communication when you forward the digital link:
    • “Attached is the digital link to view The Well-Watered Woman Book Teaching Videos. We are sending it to you so that you can view the digital file for personal use. Our church has purchased a license for one digital access for each member of our group. If more people than we anticipated end up needing a copy of this digital link, our church will need to return to Well-Watered Women to purchase permission to share the digital link with additional people. So, because we want to have integrity in the way we use this material, do not pass this digital link along to anyone else. Our church has not purchased the rights to unlimited sharing. If someone in our group needs to view the videos, please let us know and we will send the digital link to them. This way the church will be able to keep track of the total number of people using this material and pay the required amount. If you would like the freedom to share this with someone, then please support Well-Watered Women by purchasing access to the videos at Thank you for your honesty.”
  • Can we post the digital link on our church or group website so that group members can come to the site and view it?
    • No. Please do not post the digital link on a website to be viewed, even if it is a page that is not visible to the public. The only way the digital link is to be shared is via e-mail, and only from the person who originally purchased the license so that integrity in payment for the number of users can be maintained
  • How do I share the digital link?
    • When you access the link provided for you at checkout or in the confirmation email you receive, you can copy and paste the URL that opens with the videos to share with your participants. This URL is shareable and will provide access to the participants in your group who need to view the videos.