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Give Me Jesus Journal - Teal - BOXED

$ 35.00

Give Me Jesus Journal - Teal - BOXED
Give Me Jesus Journal - Teal - BOXED Give Me Jesus Journal - Teal - BOXED Give Me Jesus Journal - Teal - BOXED Give Me Jesus Journal - Teal - BOXED Give Me Jesus Journal - Teal - BOXED Give Me Jesus Journal - Teal - BOXED Give Me Jesus Journal - Teal - BOXED Give Me Jesus Journal - Teal - BOXED Give Me Jesus Journal - Teal - BOXED Give Me Jesus Journal - Teal - BOXED

$ 35.00

In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus.

This simple lyric from the classic hymn sums up the heartbeat of the Give Me Jesus Journal. We created this journal to be a useful and practical tool in your daily quiet time. It features a durable cover bound by double wire-o rings that allow for flat lay or folding in half while you do your Bible study. The sturdy tabs have been updated to include a Bible study cheat sheet on the back of the "Journal the Word" tab, a prayer guide on the back of the "Prayer and Praise" tab, and examples of how to use to the "Jot it Down" section.

We've updated the daily Scriptures for each of the 90 days of journaling space. We've also updated the beginning content and you'll find two heart checks, one at the beginning of your journal, and one at the end. The artwork is hand-painted by Gretchen Saffles, and the gold foil details are by Lovely Lettering Co.

This journal also includes some new and exciting features including:

  • A ribbon marker to easily find your spot
  • Two full pages of stickers in the back of the journal
  • A "How to Study the Bible" Cheat Sheet on the back of the "Journal the Word" tab
  • A list of practical ways you can use the "Jot It Down" section on the back of the tab
  • Encouragement on how to preach truth to your heart on the back of the "Prayer & Praise" tab
  • High quality paper for you to record your daily journey with Jesus!

We hope this tool equips you to dig deeply into Scripture and grow in your love for Christ.

For more details and a better look inside, check out our Give Me Jesus Journal Look Book! 

In addition to your journal, you will receive a Pocket Guide to the Give Me Jesus Journal! This simple booklet will help you get started if you're new to using the journal and show you how to best utilize each section.

Size: 5.5x8.5 inches
Art by Gretchen Saffles.
Lettering by Lovely Lettering Co.
Edited by Lindsay Cournia.
Design by Rachael Milner.

©2014-2018 Well-Watered Women Co. All contents of this journal cannot be copied or reproduced for any purposes.

Here's what our community of Well-Watered Women has to say about the Give Me Jesus journal:

"I discovered the Give Me Jesus Journal at a very difficult time in my life. I found myself desperately wishing for a new season to come. I found no joy in the current place I was in. The "I'm thankful for" section was a game changer for me. It made me stop and reflect on that fact that I had many blessings in my life. It reminded me that there is much to be thankful for in the mundane seasons and even in the difficult seasons of life. I found myself truly stopping to reflect on what I was thankful for that day. It gave me a fresh perspective that each day was a gift from God and there was beautiful life in every season. Each section of the journal has purpose to help you be intentional with your quiet time. This journal is my favorite!!" -Casey Porter

"I have been blessed this year to be a part of the amazing Well-Watered Women ambassador team. God has been doing glorious things in this ministry and a huge part for me has been the Give me Jesus journal. The journal has changed my quiet time and how I study the word in a very powerful way. I have been able to dig into the word with simplicity and direction so that I can focus on truth from scripture. I love that as I am praying, journaling, studying, reflecting, and getting still there are specific areas to guide me in my time with the Lord. The give me Jesus journal keeps me rooted to stand in His word daily!" -Jennifer Edewaard

"I have been using the Give Me Jesus Journal ever since Gretchen came out with her first version. While I’ve used a variety of journals, notebooks, and other tools through the years, the GMJ journal has been my absolute favorite. It provides enough framework to give me focus without boxing me in. I’ve had some wonderful insights from the Holy Spirit during my quiet time and I love having a good place to record that. Sometimes I use all of the sections as intended, at other times, I might just jot down a few verses or thoughts, and then there are times I use it in a completely different way than intended. But God is always faithful to meet me in His word and through my journal. When I complete a journal, I write the books of the Bible that I’ve gone through on the top right of the front cover in Sharpie for future reference. It’s such blessing the way my journals encourage me even after they’re full as I go back and re-read what God has done and said in my life." -Dianne Godwin