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Grab a hot cup of coffee or tea, get in a cozy spot, and sit with me for a bit while I share my heart. 

I have been a dreamer since I was born. Most of the world I lived in was make-believe and extraordinary. Every morning I would wake up, put on my princess gown (that was tattered and torn from so much use), take my hair out of the soft pink curlers I had slept in, and embrace the new day of imagination. The Lord used my large imagination to grow me into a believer that God can do all things. At the age of seven I gave my life to Jesus and was immediately changed. Jesus was my best friend as a little girl, and as I grew up, I began to fall in love with Him as my Savior, my Lord, and my Redeemer.

It wasn't until I was older in my faith that I began to understand that following Jesus isn't a half-hearted thing. He calls us to be all in, recklessly abandoned for the Gospel and the spread of His name. This rocked my heart and changed my goals. God began to show me new ways I could follow Him and use the way He gifted me and created me to bring Him glory. I began Life Lived Beautifully out of the second bedroom of our tiny apartment and have watched God change my heart and use willingness to do hard things for His glory.

Being a dreamer is hard and vulnerable, but so worth it. In the pursuing, doing, praying, dreaming, relying, hoping, and trying, God is glorified, I am changed, and His Word is made alive to me and to others. I pray that if you purchase a journal, art print, or coffee mug, that you would be reminded that we are called to live our lives beautifully for the glory of God. Christ died that we could live a life like this. Let's take His abundant grace and magnify it through all that we say and do. For Jesus. For the Gospel.

adventuring with you (and sipping coffee along the way),


(Bottom Photo by Emily Hooten.)

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