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A portion of all of the proceeds from the Well-Watered Women shop goes to support Kupendwa Ministries, a maternity home in Uganda.

Amy Washington, the founder and director of Kupendwa, described the ministry's purpose in her "Life Lived Beautifully" feature by saying: 

"Kupendwa's motto is "Saving Lives…Two at a Time. Both Mother and Baby, Physically and Eternally.” Our purpose and vision is to share the gospel of Jesus by following His own example that He showed us during His earthly ministry. So many times in the Gospels, we see that Jesus met the lost, needy, and poor right in their time of physical need. He then used His physical healing - saving physical lives - in order to share the gospel about the more important spiritual and eternal healing & salvation that we need so much more desperately. This model is the one that Kupendwa daily follows in working with the poverty-stricken and desperately needy mothers, babies, and children in Uganda, Africa. By reaching mothers, babies, children, and families in their most desperate moments of life, God opens doors to share the saving gospel of Jesus Christ and the reason behind everything that we do. The word “Kupendwa” means “to be loved” in Swahili. Kupendwa is a ministry that people can come to and find that they will be loved: Loved by Jesus through us, His servants."

We are grateful to be able to support this ministry financially and through prayer and would love for you to continue to link arms with us to reach these women with the hope of Jesus Christ!

Read more about the ministry of Kupendwa here and follow them for encouraging updates on Facebook!

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